The Overtoom spacer balloon catheter
The right tool for the right solution 


We are pleased to announce a new solution for Obstructive Uropathy: Overtoom Balloon Catheter System®.
It can also be used to cope with problems concerning Brickers bladders.

The maximum of minimal mutilation. 


Device name

The device brand name is the Overtoom Balloon Catheter System ®.

Device Description

The Overtoom Balloon Catheter System® is a pyelum catheter intended for treating strictures of the ureter and, in particular, strictures of the ureteropelvic junction in a less invasive way. It comprises a catheter with a balloon and a non-return valve device, and a pusher device with a stylet and two ports.

The system keeps ureter strictures dilated while they heal, in a similar way to the use of an indwelling large-diameter bladder catheter for urethral strictures.

The balloon on the catheter has an innovative design with a double function. It is in two sections: a large cranial bulb, and a longer narrow section or shaft *.

The larger cranial bulb prevents distal migration, while the longer narrow section maintains the increased diameter of a predilated stricture in the ureter section. The system is easy to place and remove (see the Instructions for Use under the Downloads tab).

*Standard: bulb diameter 10 mm; shaft diameter 6 mm; length 73 mm.

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