Balloon Catheter


The Overtoom spacer balloon catheter
The right tool for the right solution


The Overtoom Balloon Catheter® OBC represents a major breakthrough in the treatment of ureteric strictures.

In particular, it treats strictures of the ureteropelvic junction in a less invasive way. It has also been used for ureteral strictures in case of Bricker bladders.

THe OBC comprises a catheter with a balloon and a non-return valve device, and a pusher device with a stylet and two ports.

The system keeps ureter strictures dilated while they heal, in a similar way to the use of an indwelling large-diameter bladder catheter for urethral strictures.

The balloon on the catheter has an innovative design with a double function. It is in two sections: a large cranial bulb, and a longer narrow section or shaft.

The larger cranial bulb prevents distal migration, while the longer narrow section maintains the increased diameter of a predilated stricture in the ureter section with a diameter of 18 French (Ch.)(6mm). 

Urine can flow through the shaft while the balloon remains inflated.

The ureteric balloon catheter is easy to place and remove. (see the Instructions for Use).

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